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I lent my debt card to a worker who then went to the Parlor at Four Hills and the Veteran’ Charity Sweepstakes and transferred money from my card to the “sweepstakes” stores. Charges were: ‘ATM WITHDRAWAL FIESTA SWEEPSTAKES , 181 West Hwy 190, Coppers Cove Tx C#5098. There was ten withdrawal made for a total of $700.00. I drove to Coppers Cove and visited both locations to discover who they were and how they did business. I found: Upon entry you purchase a card which holds your gaming information. The card costs $10.00 and you place money on the card to use the “gaming machines” You are told that you cannot say “I won big, I lost big, and I want to cash out my winnings” Instead code words are used in all transactions such as “I want to turn in my points or cash in my sweepstakes winnings”. The clerk made a shush signal with her fingers to her lips and smiles upon sharing this information.

The clerk said “people cash in their food stamps and Veteran’s benefits to try to win on the “games”, the owner has found a “loop hole” in the law and SKIRTs the gaming laws in Texas. We used to black out our windows but that is illegal so we don’t. If someone reports us it is only a misdemeanor, so of well”. Adding, “try to bet responsibly – we don’t give your money back if you lose and will call the police if someone gets rude over losing.”

I learned that Video gambling is illegal in Texas, but the gaming machines are not — unless they pay out a prize over a certain threshold. Both Veteran’s Charity Sweepstakes and the Palor advertise potential payouts of thousands. And when I was at the Veteran’s Charity I observed a patron playing a ten dollar bet and cashing out $150.00. He was paid in cash.

After research I discovered gambling room owners won't be deterred unless the crime is changed from a misdemeanor to a felony. "I suggest people who care about their hard earned tax dollars, paid to disabled Veterans and the elderly, going to these gambling establishments call their state legislators and judges to change the law

Contrary to previous published reports, the Department of Public Safety will continue to enforce Texas gambling laws regarding 8-liners or video slot machines that pay off players’ bets with tickets or other prizes so call them with locations of such establishments.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Stating they skirt the law.

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Yes. Finally they are shut down. It is a horrible place that is not regulated.

Copperas Cove, Texas, United States #1205096

too bad half the government are gamblers too.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1177998

seems to me that you are placing your anger in the wrong direction. it's not the businesses fault you loaned your debit card to someone you obviously shouldn't have!

so pit your anger where. it belongs, yourself for lack of better judgment & ,your coworker for obviously taking advantage of you. anyone that chooses to play should have the right. ever played bingo?

lotto or lottery? what's the difference? ever been to Las Vegas? anyone who goes there, obviously intends to gamble!

life's a gamble!

why try to take others enjoyment away for your didplsced anger? try it, you might like it!

to Anonymous Whitesville, New York, United States #1243706

Them taking foodstamps to gamble is definitely illegal fruad though

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1245080

I have no issues with legal gambling organizations. What I have issues with are illegal gambling organizations that prey on a disabled individual who can't -due to a significant head injury - understand how this specific organization abusing them.

It is obvious to me that you fail to understand the difference between a gambling concern that is regulated by the government and one that regulates their own profit . Keep "enjoying" illegal gambling organizations until you lose everything you own and discover you have o recourse. If the organization discussed was organized for the enjoyment and benefit of it's patrons and was on the right side of the law it would sue me for slander.

I have yet to receive a suit Soon someone will shut the company addressed here in and you will need to fly off to Vegas or where ever you enjoy gambling at. Thanks for you concern

to Anonymous Austin, Texas, United States #1245085

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